Perfumed soaps

Celuxe soaps:

Celuxe soaps are formulated by our soap master based in France, they are made “cold” to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.

The 100% vegetable base of extra quality is enriched with glycerine and virgin olive oil.

Made to clean the face and body, our soaps develop an abundant foam and very creamy particularly pleasant. They cleanse your skin gently and thoroughly without drying out: dead cells are peeled off, the skin is soft, bright and fragrant.

Celuxe soaps are intensely scented to make your toilet a pure luxury moment.


Refinement by Celuxe: Grasse, world capital of perfumery.
It is in Grasse world capital of perfumery that Celuxe selects the fragrances that perfume its soaps, the unequaled know-how of the perfumers of this region has been for centuries synonymous with luxury and refinement.